Export to MSFS Pln file drops SID constraints

If I create a flight plan with a SID (for example the EGLC EKNI1A) in Navigraph and export it to MSFS 2020 .pln file, the file contains the SID lat/long but drops the speed and altitude constraints. Thus when I load it into the sim World Map and enter flight, ATC is unaware of these constraints.

If I create the plan in the sim World Map and save it as a .pln file, the files does contain the SID and SID constraints and ATC will enforce them. But I’d rather create the plan in Navigraph if I could.

Am I doing the plan file export from Navigraph incorrectly?

Or can Navigraph/Simbrief be updated to include the constraints in the exported pln file?



Speed and Altitude constraints are not currently in exported Navigraph Charts nor SimBrief flight plans. We shall consider this for a future Charts offering. In the meantime you can enter the SID from the MCDU/FMS which should include the Altitude constraints.