B777 Profile approach category incorrect

Hi, minor detail but its been bugging me for years, so I thought id mention it:

I’ve noticed on Simbrief OFPs and generated ICAO flight plans, that the B772, and B77L are categorized as approach speed category “D” aircraft. This is incorrect, they are approach speed category “C”. Only the B77W, B773, and B77F are “D”.

This is mainly of relevance in the ICAO flight plan item 18 “PER/” remark.

EDIT: I had incorrectly claimed that the B77F was also cat “C”.

Thank you for the information, it is noted.


Thanks for the message. I think this depends on the operator, and/or the certified MLW of their B772 fleet.

For example, searching on EDI-GLA yields many real B772 and B77L flight plans using PER/D. There are also some that use PER/C.

If the airframe/airline you are simulating uses PER/C, you can customize this by creating a custom airframe and setting the “Performance Code” option as desired.

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That’s exactly the point.
Aeroplane Categories are defined according EU VO 965/2012 CAT.OP.MPA.320 (but as well as ICAO Doc 8168) by it’s Indicated Airspeed (IAS) over the Threshold while flying in Landing Configuration at Maximum Landing Mass (MLM) at Vso 1,3 or Vs1g x 1,23.

So it depends as well on the certified MLM which the operator has choosen to use.

BR Alex

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Thank you for providing the exact reference, I was unable to find it again myself.
This has given me nightmare flashbacks to Air Law during the ATPL xd

Anyway, as Alex mentioned this is all dependent on Airspeed which of course is determined by landing mass. In this case, the Maximum Landing Mass during standard configuration aka Flaps 30 (I don’t know of any operator that uses Flaps 25 as standard, but then again there always seems to be that one operator that wants to feel special and goes against the flow.

Since we are talking about altering the default Simbrief 777 profile, we’ll be using the default profile MLM values as a reference.

B772: 213.189kg
B77L: 223.168kg

Using the data provided by the 777 FCOM (I’m not allowed to share my operators documentation), for both those aircraft, using the default simbrief values, the speed does not exceed 140kts, therefore making both of them cat C.