DC-6 Climb/Descent Profile

I’ve just started poking around in Simbrief with the DC-6, and I noticed something odd about the resulting OFP. At the TOC, it was showing me a MN of .150, which didn’t immediately seem off, but the TAS and the GS given were over 900kts, which seems unreasonable both compared to the MN and the DC-6 itself.

I think, after playing around with some other planes, that this is due to the “unique” format of the climb and descent profiles of the DC-6. I could be wrong, but the 37/2400/150 looks like Manifold Pressure/RPM/Knots compared to, say, the B373 which is 250/280/74, which I think represents Knots/Knots/MN (probably due to the 250kt limit under 10k).

I think Simbrief is taking this as I’m climbing at 2400kts with a MN of .150 and it’s playing merry hell with my resulting OFP. Is there a way to adjust the climb profile and just set it to a fixed number (such as 150 or 165)? Or, if this just affects the single point in my TOC entry in the flight log, can it be safely ignored without affecting other things such as time of flight, block fuel, etc.?


Thanks for the report, should be fixed now!

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