767 CI doesn't seem to match FF767 CI

Not sure if the error is on FF or on Simbrief, but with a CI of 15, a cruise speed of .79 is being calculated by Simbrief, but one of .77 is generated by the FF767.

If this is correct, could some sort of tuning option be introduced, for mach numbers, like the altitude and fuel adjustment options?

Hi, unfortunately this can happen sometimes. CI data is hard to find, and different add-ons may end up with slightly different values (I honestly don’t know whether the error is with FF or SimBrief, it’s possible both are correct but simply using data for different variants).

A tuning option probably won’t do much good unfortunately. CI numbers are complex; they vary with weight, altitude, headwind/tailwind, etc. In your specific flight conditions, at your planned altitude and weight, the FF may have been Mach 0.02 slower than SimBrief. But at a different weight or altitude, on a different day, it could very well be Mach 0.02 higher instead. The CI formula is way too non-linear for a simple flat correction to be of any use unfortunately.

I don’t have an easy solution for you at this time, this is just one of the limitations of having many different add-ons all based on varying amounts of incomplete data. :confused:

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Fair enough, thank you very much for the explanation!

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