ARINC 424.18 erroneous fields - X-Plane NavData

Hello Team,

In the X-Plane NavData (11 or 12, AIRAC 2209 and previous ones), I have found a list of FIX with curious ARINC 424.18 fields regarding their definition in AIP.

My sources to read these fields are :

Here is the list of suspicious fixes in my area of interest :

  • BADPO fix, with a Col27 field set to 0x49 - Unnamed, Charted Intersection. I would expect it to be 0x43, 0x52 or 0x57. It’s named, and used as an IF in VOR B 22 in LFMN.
  • CANSU fix, with a Col27 field set to 0x55 - ‘U’, not part of the ARINC table available. This fix however is listed in ENR 4.4 in french AIP, so I would expect it to be 0x43, 0x52 or 0x57 as well.
  • DAMLO fix, exact same thing as CANSU above.
  • All RNAV fixes of LFBF have a Col27 set to 0x49 - Unnamed, Charted Intersection. However, they are all RNAV Waypoint, defined in the AIP as such. So I would expect a 0x57 instead. (BF110, BF112, BF302, BF304, BF310, IBF11, IBF29, FBF11, FBF29)
  • STG48 fix, as well with Col27 0x49 whilst it’s a defined RNAV waypoint, in the AIP, used in the INA RNAV 23 in LFST. All other similar fixes of this procedure are correctly categorized (STB40, STM27, …), but not this one.

It’s obviously not causing an issue in X-Plane as such. I’m locally using this fields outside of X-Plane sim.

Question is, if the decoding table is still up-to-date, are you able to confirm that these fixes are not categorized as they should ? If yes, are you able to fix them for further AIRACs or is it down to Jeppesen/ANSPs to correct them ?

Thank you !

our record types are not exclusively only v18 - we use different versions on different record-types - so, we don´t use only 424-18 and the wikipedia link is not 100% complete. Additional to this - the data are coming directly from the specific countries. Jeppesen doesn´t re-code anything - special the coding of the waypoint types (but also other types) follow not always 100% the information in the AIP or better, what you expect it.

When something is wrong, it must be fixed by the specific countries, and for that we nor Jeppesen has any influence on this. Sorry.


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