Dismantled VORs now in FIX data

Hi there,

I found out that some recently dismantled french VORs have been moved from Navaid data to Fix data in X-Plane 11/12 NavData (2209 and previous).
However, those old VORs have not become FIX as per AIP. Those VOR/FIX are :

  • CHN, 48.055833333 1.375277778 CHN ENRT LF 2105426
  • CRL, 49.256111111 2.517222222 CRL ENRT LF 2105426

In the french AIP, those VOR are removed, and are not considered as FIX either. These old VOR are not used as far as I know in any procedure or airway nearby.

Question is : Why are they now considered as FIX in your NavData set? Can they be removed in future AIRAC releases ?

Thank you !

both are defined as enroute fixes in the source, so the output is correct so far. We can report this to Jeppesen but the important part here is the country, France because this information is part of their data to Jeppesen and here both fixes are included. Not sure, if Jeppesen can handle this - I guess more, it must be handled by France.


PS: by the way both were changed in 2206 to fixes from France

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