Approach Waypoints Coordinates

My first time using Navigraph, and am getting addicted !

Okay so I am using RealityXP GNS and since some airports do not show up certain approaches, etc., I would like to know, is there any way I can obtain the coordinates of each approach waypoint as produced in Navigraph? With the series of coordinates, I may at least “hand-build” the approaches within GNS to simulate those.

Or are there better ways to work around old databases within GNS that often have missing IFR charts? Hope to hear some advice. Thanks !

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to you main question - as you possible know (or also not), we don´t support the RealityXP GNS format because this is a protected format from Garmin, which can also be used in real GNS facilities and that´s not allowed according our contracts with our data provider.

So, we can´t really give you an answer here. Possible you ask RealityXP if this is possible or not. This is more a question of the addon, if this is possible or not … sorry for the “bad” news, but also we have a few restrictions what is allowed and what not.

In this case, we may not offer the data/the data format …


Thank you Richard. Actually what I meant was that if those coordinates can be known, I can then key them into the GNS by creating each by hand via creating user waypoints. This is a feature that is possible within a GPS unit.

Ah understood, you mean like user-waypoints?
No idea, sorry … What I can remember, that FBW has or had sich function but again, i don’t really know it.