Putting in coordinates and a real flightplan


I am using flightradar24.com to try to extract the real flight plan, if possible, from real flown flights. So ideally I would want to get the waypoints out of the flown flight path.

In Europe, we cannot get the waypoints I guess yet on internet. I saw in the US sites like Flightaware and I thought also flightradar24, do provide waypoints with the flights flown, I guess they are further in this process.

But I can get DD coordinates of the flights flown from fligthradar24. They look like this when downloaded:


When I researched this and put this in, I saw that I am 2 figures short, of this DD format, and therefore, if I am correct, the tracked flight is too inaccurate to use to extract the waypoints. I tried it, but I get very inaccurate waypoints that miss the real flown flightpath by a lot.

Or are site like flightradar24, is the position data of the planes not accurate, I mean the line on the map? Can that be the problem? So that the coordinates are right, but the drawn line on the map of the trajectory the plane flown is off?

Am I correct, that you really would need 2 extra figures in Navigraph in the DD format to get the right accuracy, and that this function is more now for rough oversea flight planning etc? Or am I doing something wrong because the 6 and 7 digit coordinates should give a great accuracy?

And furthermore, is there a way you can load a real flown flight plan into Navigraph? If you have the coordinates? I would be cool if you could overlay the flight plan or so in Navigraph, so you can extract the waypoints the plane flew.

If you have any answers on this that would be much appreciated.

Anyway, thanks for you app, it is very good now and I am enjoying it.

I am just researching the functionalities, trying to get as real to the flown flight plans as I can get.

Greetings all.

Hello, SimBrief does a great job at using real-world flight plans and waypoints. You can find the route from them and enter it into navigraph app.

Hi, well thank you for the advice, but I still encounter strange difficulties. I attached 5 files to show you this.

File 1 is a download of this flight from EHAM to LIPZ: [ KLM flight KL1659 - Flightradar24 ] of yesterday the 6th of July. It is an excel with all the downloaded coordinates. I have put cell D25 into Simbrief, and after that into Navigraph to see if I can recreate the same point on the flight that flightradar24 shows. But for a strange reason it does not work. See the 4 files below.

File 2 + 3 is what I get when I put cell D25 into Simbrief as a waypoint. It is far off the flightpath of the flight as shown on Flightradar24. But the waypoints do copy in the right order I think. So what happened here? Why is the point not on the flight?

File 4 + 5 is what I get when I put cell D25 in Navigraph. I get the same as in Simbrief, so a waypoint far of the trajectory the plane flew. But, then when I click the waypoint, it gives the wrong coordinates, as it says 005°10’16.0"E. So the longitude should supposed to start with 4, but it starts now with a five. So it is the same point as created by Simbrief, but now the longitude reading is incorrect.

So my questions are simple. What happens here? Don’t I get it? Or is there a bug? Why can’t I create the flown flight path of KL1659 in Simbrief or Navigraph with the coordinates?

Hope you can help, thank you very much.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Boudewijn Nijssen

KL1659_2c8620f6 (1).csv (22.8 KB)

just a short note to this - a flightplan in SimBrief, also in the Navigraph chart app contains waypoints which are existing in the database. Of course these waypoints have also coordinates (lat / lon) but also a waypoint ident which is necessary to create a valid flightplan.

You can´t create a flightplan with a list of coordinates only, that makes no sense because what do you expect in the FMCs of your addon? When you have the corresponding waypoints to this coordinates than you can create a flightplan but only with coordinates - thats not possible.