RealityXP Garmin updates

This has probably been asked before, but what’s the deal with the lack of updates for RealityXP GPS systems? I know that you have to purchase the databases directly from Garmin, which I’m not going to do. Has there ever been any kind of talk between Navigraph and Garmin to get ahold of that data for flight simulation use? If it’s been done with Jeppessen, why not Garmin too?


Please see Approach Waypoints Coordinates - #2 by NAVData and Exporting flightplans into gtn 750 - #5 by stephen


Interesting. Now I know. Brings me to my next question - Navigraph’s data providers - are they also a source for real world AIRAC cycles, or do they just have contracts with real-world providers (Garmin, Jeppesen, Lufthansa Flight Systems, etc) to provide them with real world data which they convert to simulator format and send to you guys? Or how does that work?

Didn’t think I would end up here in the thread but it’s honestly interesting to see this side of Navigraph’s workings. Thanks!


Our data supplier is Jeppesen. We convert the data into the many different flight simulator formats.

Please see for more details.


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