App Loading is Very Slow

The Android app is running extremely slow. It takes a while to load and each time you select a chart it takes a long time to load. Have been using the charts app for a couple of years, nothing changed on my end. Can you look to see what is going on with the server side.

Hello Eric! Welcome to the forum.

Does the problem persist if you visit Charts Cloud using the android browser directly? I am trying to rule out a slow internet connection, as this issue has not been mentioned previously. The server-side is currently looking good, with high response times overall.


Malte - accessing via the Android browser via Chrome is a little bit quicker. The app is the slowest of all. If you are showing no issues on your end, it might just be the tablet but this is new behavior for the app.

I get the same issue, also random disconnects and “could not load flight plan” errors. Also happens with the desktop app.

Hi Bogdan,


Please see Are the authentication servers down? - #22 by stephen.

Is this resolved now?


I haven’t received that error. However, I restarted the app and even rebooted the tablet. It seems to be a bit better but I still get a noticeable delay when trying to open a chart (the whole app freezes for a good few seconds).