Charts on Android extremly slow

Running the app on a Android device is etremly slow. Opening the app takes already more then 60sec
I tried several devices without any huge differences.
Looking for tips and tricks


It sounds like an issue with your network, either locally or at your ISP. Do you have another network to try? For example, switch between home or office wifi and mobile broadband (4G).

It should take just a second or two to open.



I did a Speedtest with Ookla
Download= 105Mbit

Just to compare.


Sorry, it’s my only network.

No other idear? The web site is working fine. Only the app has the issues

I’ve enabled some additional logging on your account. Try the Android app again now and we’ll see if there is any more information we can find.



Thanks, I played with the app. You should see something.
Starting the app is very slow an showes between a “Offline-Screen” Loading data, like Flightplan and charts are slow. After taht the performance is ok, not fast but okay.
Opening on the same device navigraph with the webbrowser is is all activities much faster


We see that you are not on the latest version. Please download it from the app store. At least you should not see the “offline screen” with the new version. But likely it would not make any drastic difference regarding performance in general, but please try it.

Do you also have a phone you could try? This looks like a tablet device so I presume you might also have a phone to test? If so please install there too and compare the performance. If you are on a phone then perhaps you are able to switch between the Wifi you are using on the tablet, and mobile broadband (4G/5G)?



Thanks, I updated it, but it’s not realy better.
On my mobile (older then the tablet) it’s running very well.
Tablet = Lenovo M8 Gen4
Mobile=Samsung S10
Both on Wifi. No difference between 2,4GHz and 5GHz

I have the same issue. Performance in a navigator is waaay better than in the app. Using Lenovo Tab M10

With my Samsung A7 Lite, it’s a little bit better. But inside a brwoser it’s much faster

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Hope an update will fix it

same for me.

Samung TAB A8. App is slow as hell. changing the runway / approach could take more than 30 seconds for each changes …

2.4 or 5 ghz : Same (fiber access 600 mbps / 500 mbps)

I need to use the web access … the app is useless for me :frowning:

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Sorry to open this up again but i notice the same. I have two tablets: A Samsung A7 and a Ipad Air. I have tried the app Charts on both devices and it slow on both devices. The startup is okay but selecting any function after startup takes several seconds before the app responds: when i tap on airports it takes about 6 to 7 seconds before the app opens up the airports section. When tapping on epartures, another 8 seconds and sometimes the app does not repsond at all. On the Ipad i run version 8.31.0 build ios 12
On the Samsung A7 i run version 8.31.0 version 1
Maybe both tablets are too old and not fast enough?

How old is this iPad? iPads that can no longer update past iOS 12 are considered vintage or even obsolete by Apple themselves. See this page for an easy overview!

We cannot possibly support this old hardware without limiting ourselves, and support for iOS/iPadOS 12 will be dropped in the not-too-distant future. The list of features included in our app will only grow, and with it comes the need for more device resources.

For the Android tablets, the issue could be just about anything. That’s the issue when the market consists of tens of thousands of different models :sweat_smile: Things like specifications (of course), hardware acceleration, overheating, Android versions, installed apps, bloatware etc. all vary greatly, which makes it impossible to make something that works well for everyone.

A good example of this is that one of our team members uses a Lenovo M10 (as mentioned earlier in this topic), and he does not have any issues with it at all: Charts V8 Performance - #9 by NAVData.
It’s impossible for us to know what the issue could be since we can’t even reproduce it ourselves with the same hardware. At that point, it becomes a question of bloat and malware, which has been more common on Android historically.

While we are doing our best to keep the app as performant as possible for everyone, the thing mentioned above also goes here: we can’t let these factors limit us from developing new features. We would much rather drop support for really old hardware, and based on the statistics that we get from the Google Play store - the majority of our users have no issues with the apps.

As of the current moment, there is no general perception of the Charts application being “extremely slow” on all Android devices. We can’t reproduce anything like it on our test devices, and it is not feasible for us to provide one-on-one support for everyone that has a slow android tablet.

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