API for ATC Remarks


Is is possible to send in the URL a specific ATC Remark?


This will only send it as a Dispatcher remark, not as an ATC remark.

Any help would be great,


Hi Fraser,

This can be done using the acdata parameter, explained here: The SimBrief API - Note regarding Aircraft Data.

Basically, you could send the following parameter: &acdata={"extrarmk":"DAT\/V RVR\/250 RMK\/EXAMPLE"}.

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Actually, I just noticed that this won’t work if you aren’t specifying an aircraft type in your URL. Whenever a user changes or selects an aircraft type, this will clear any acdata options (it needs to be cleared since acdata can also be used to specify things such as MTOW, Equipment, etc.)

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to do this at the moment if you aren’t sending an aircraft in the initial URL.

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OK, no problem.

Thanks for the reply.

We send a route only really :slight_smile: