Feature Request: Live Dispatcher Options

Hello, I thought it might be a cool idea to provide the user the ability to create and dispatch a flight for another Simbrief user. As near as I can tell there it can sort of be done now but having a built in function that could send a full, completed flight plan and briefing to another user could open up many interesting new ways to utilize this amazing tool.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we can look into it. But it’s a bit complicated due to AIRAC access requirements.

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ahh, I hadn’t even considered that.

Maybe make the tool only available to those with an active subscription but allow them to select which AIRAC data set they would like to use so when they send the dispatch it will match the crews data.

Just a though. Also thank you for considering the idea, I know it’s an odd one haha

Would be an awesome function. This would enable our virtual Airline to dispatch briefing and pilots can access them fully configured - like e.g. in real life.

This would be a 5*-Function.

Why would AIRAC access requirements pose a problem?

On the real-world side, when I plan and release the flight, the crew just gets the end result in the form of a read-only OFP.

I suggested something like this to the team at FSExpo in Houston last June for virtual airline use with live dispatchers.

My thought was to have the option to be able to create a list of users that wanted to receive live dispatch paperwork and then when it was completed it would save to their profile. They’d simply open and view the OFP PDF.

Mike Collier
Flight Dispatch Training
American Airlines

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