API Route Lost when user selects a/c


I am using the following link from our website using the Simbrief API -

This correctly pre-populates the fields requested (Routes / Dep / Dest etc), however, when the user selects their aircraft type or an airframe, the whole plan automatically recalculates and selects a suggested route, not the ATC route I sent via the API.

Any thoughts?


Hi Fraser,

Basically, this is because SimBrief considers routes to be aircraft-specific (it may prioritize different ones depending on the aircraft type, props vs jet, etc). So by default it resets them when changing the aircraft type.

That being said, I will add a task to preserve the route if it was sent via an API parameter. Hopefully this will make it into the next update.

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Thanks for the reply!

Sounds great.

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Hi Fraser,

I’ve released version 2.10.0 now, which should fix this. Please let me know if it works as expected!

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Works perfectly!


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