Annoying simlink caused FPS drop in X-Plane 12.0.9-rc5

Without any reasons, no matter what scene I in, the Simlink randomly caused a dramatic FPS drop.
If it can be improved from my own, please give me some advice on it

If it is a plugin bug, please fix it later.

It’s okay in cruise phase, but when taking off or approaching, it can be a big obstacle to step.

My PC spec:

i9-12900k+3080Ti+Predator SSD 1T

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How do you know that Simlink is causing this? What steps have you taken so far to make you come to this conclusion? We are currently not aware of any stuttering issues, but this could of course be something new!

I trust that you looked for similar topics before creating a new one? Such as this one?

Make sure that you are using the latest Simlink version, and that you have completely reinstalled the Simlink plugins since then. You can make sure that this is the case by following these steps:

  1. Open Simlink
  2. Switch to the “Plugin status” tab
  3. Press the “Plugin settings” button
  4. Find the entry for X-Plane 12 and press “Uninstall Simlink”
  5. Press “Install Simlink”

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