Simlink causes stutters in X-Plane 11

Ever since i installed simlink, after about 30 min of flight, an incredible stutter ocurs…only way to fix is to reboot, works good again then stutter returns, ive erased and redownloaded simlink only for stutter to happen again, stutter never happen until i installed simlink,

only third party software i have installed is:
better pushback
ixeg 737
flight factor 767

Thanks in advance

Same issue. I turn of simlink in the plugin administrator and turn on again. It can help the stutter but the stutter returns again after a time. I am considering turning simlink off after an X-plane crash in mid flight.

Same for me. After trying every plugin in X-plane I finally found it was Simlink. Same cure: reinstall the simlink. Would like to know what the cause would be. Maybe not related but I noticed the problem after being unable to get the new airac recognized by X-plane. Will follow the instructions found in this forum to fix this.

I just observed a stutter every second (40+ fps, then a brief stop and 40+ fps again) and noticed that Simlink has terminated (tray icon was gone and so was the “moving map” in Navigraph Charts). Just restarting Simlink resolved the issue and I could continue my flight.

Knock on wood, it’s been working fine for me. When Navi graph is working really good, it is an absolute marvelous tool

I had the same problem with X-Plane 11.50. It took several months to discover that Simlink was the cause. I noticed that every time the stuttering was present Simlink was not activated. On top of that the stuttering was kind of randomized. Not always it occurred. Last week it was active again and deactivated the plugin. The stuttering stopped. Activated and the stuttering re-appeared. Uninstalled and reinstalled Simlink and everything came back to normal. It happens anyhow but now I don´t shut the simulator but unistall and reinstall Simlink. I was about to write Navigraph to find out the reason but you already had reported it.
Just waiting from Navigraph to report it to X-Plane users just in case. However I cannot tell if this is only happening with X-Plane.

Just to be precise: Many factors can potentially contribute to stutters or low frame rates in X-Plane. I had many hours without any issues having Navigraph enabled, and I had periods of unexpected low FPS without Navigraph loaded.
Only the “brief stop every second” I can attribute to Navigraph (it took me a while to make the connection, as I didn’t have the charts app open, thus didn’t notice the link was lost), and once I figured out that is related to terminated Simlink, it can be easily fixed: just launch Simlink again and things return to normal.

Thanks. That´s exactly what I do now. Anyhow, I believe that this issue should be studied a little bit more.

Hi Team,

Yes we are aware a few users have stutters with simlink. We are working on a new Simlink version.

In the meantime, please:

  1. See FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray
  2. In Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings, for your FS entry press Uninstall Simlink.
  3. Use Windows to uninstall Simlink.
  4. If they exist delete folders c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink and c:\Program Files\Navigraph\Simlink
  5. Download and install latest Simlink .

Please let us know how you get on.


Is it only with X-Plane?

Hi All, have a similar issue with MSFS2020. Total loss of communication between Charts and Simlink in the Sim computer. Even getting a “handshake” with Navigraph site is a problem with the charts computer. Did all of the re-install items to no solution. I checked permissions in the Firefox browsers: OK . I am investigating newly installed Amazon Firesticks for WIFI interference or hijacking the router. At best lately, I can achieve momentary link of Simlink and Charts, the Simlink App actually disappers from the tray and also accuracy is off, stutters, etc. Should have the Simlink logs. Regards



Make sure you have Simlink running only on your FS machine.

Please provide details on

Maybe post a screenshot of task manager showing SImlink entry for

Please zip and upload folder c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink


Thank you Ian. Will verify that. The setup was running well for a while until The aforementioned install. Will be back at the Sim in a day or two.
Pat Snyder

Hey, I have the same problem every 5-10 minutes. Hoping that a new Simlink update will be available soon.:grin:

And thx so much Ian for your great support :+1:

the same problem here. i found it just know, after unchecked simlink from plugin admin, the flight become smooth and normal as suppose to be. at first take off was no problem until change panning or engage ILS stuttering has begin, fps fluctuating from 12 to 40 fps periodically.

I still need simlink for updating cycle so i keep it rather then uninstall. For this time being i just disable simlink via plugin admin in xp. wondering how to identify newest version of navi+simlink ? I subscribed in January 2021 is it newest?

Any update for a new Simlink version that fix the stutter problem in X-Plane 11 ?


Hello thread!

We have updated Simlink to version and among the changes (which will be published separately soon) are fixes for various stuttering issues. To update, please open Simlink and allow it to update using the system dialog that opens.

It would be much appreciated to hear your feedback in order to confirm that the issue has now been resolved.


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Hi thread,

I had Simlink uninstalled for a while due to the stutter problems. Any feedback that stutters are gone with the latest version of Simlink?

Would love to use it again :slight_smile: