Simlink freeze XP12 for a half second every 5 seconds


I was flying in Xplane 12.00b5 Intel 64bits , Vulkan
And i was using Simlink

And during the flight around 20-30 minutes after takeoff xplane start stuttering
Every 5secondes the sim freeze for a half second.

As I wanted to know the cause of this, I launched Plugin Admin.
And I noticed that Navigraph Simlink had a big spike in usage every time the simulator freeze

So I disabled simlink with the admin plugin and xplane stop freezing.
5 minute later i tried to turn the plugin on again and the same symptoms start again, Xplane freezes for half a second every 5 seconds.

So, I decided to keep the plugin disabled for the rest of the flight. and I did not encounter any stuttering until the end of the flight.

I did not find a logfile for simlink , and the logfile of xplane 12 does not say anything except simlink was loaded in the sim.

I’m not sure if this is all caused by the plugin, but I wanted to let you know about this behavior in case it happens to others.