Android login error

I just sigend in to navigraph. When trying to login to the charts android app I get an error of “ID token expired” after entering my login credentials on the browser.

Please help! :slightly_smiling_face:


A long shot, but could you check the date & time settings on your device, are they correct?

Which Android version is this?

If you kill and restart the app, does it happen again?

Can you login to in the Chrome browser on that device?




Thanks for your prompt response.

I had the Date&Time as GMT-01:00 Azores time (the date & time are not automatic with the network)

My Android info is as follows:

Samsung Note 10+ model SM-N975F/DS

One UI version 3.0

Last update: 01.feb.2021

I tried to kill the App anda restar again, but didn’t work; I also tried to uninstall and install again

Yes I can login to and work on the cloud version in the Chrome browser of my Note 10+

When I changed the Date&Time to automatic from network, it worked OK.

Thanks again

Roberto Andrade


Glad it worked!


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