Navigraph stopped working on Android tablet

For some reason the Navigraph Charts program stopped working on my Galaxy Tab A. I launch the program and the startup screen comes up with the “Sign in (opens browser)” screen button. I touch the button and am directed to my web browser with the Navigraph Login. I enter my user name and password. The pages closes and goes back to the startup screen with the “Sign in (opens browser)” button and stays there.

I’ve deleted the program, shut down my Tab A, then re-installed the program but still am unable to get past the log-in screen.


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There can be a problem with the app connecting to our server.

Please check that the clock on your device is synchronized with internet time or is at least accurate, and is set in the correct Time Zone.


Im having the same issue as described above. Have deleted the app, reinstalled. Checked clock is synced correctly.

Will the app run on android version 9? I bought a cheap (ish) Haehne Q738 tablet mainly with Simming in mind, and just wondering if thats part of my problem.

Ps apologies couldn’t start a new thread for some reason.

I’ve tried what was recommended to fix the problem but was unsuccessful and had to go to another device. Disappointing.


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