Android app - no sucess loging into a tablet

I see that this is a problem for some users and wish we would get support on this. I am stuck with two tablets useless for a homecockpit


Please provide more information on what occurs when you run Charts Android. Try removing and reinstalling Charts Android to ensure you have the latest.

If still a problem, can you run Charts Cloud in a browser on the Android?



I would like to add some more information regarding this thread. First of all, the Charts Android app for tablets have not been updated since 20 December 2019 (Version 7.0.3) which is almost 3 years ago. Regarding to signing into Charts Android for tablets, I have reinstalled it multiple of times and I still can’t sign in with the message of "Something went wrong, please try again’ and some message was blocked by the GUI as shown in the attachment. Charts Cloud is working fine in my tablet.

I hope this issue will be solved ASAP. Thank you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite