Alicante LEAL has Outdated Parking

LEAL Parking in Navigraph is OLD.
We nedd new ones.


An example would be very helpful for the clarification … which parking position is old?


Hi Richard.

Sure you need more infos.

I have landed I Alicante LEAL several times and the Parking stands numbers in Navigraph are totally different from the ones used.

Look at the ones, I have posted.

They seems to be the ones they use today.

During Alicante-day I could see the confusion by many pilots.

Pls. clarify.

, but Simbrief and Navigraph are super guidance.

Best regards Flyjorn

Best regards

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Alicante+Taxi+Stands.pdf.pdf (218 KB)

sorry, but you refer to an outdated chart from 2018. The current one is from Aug 2021

From the AIP Spain:

… and here, I can’t see any outdated parking positions.


Hi Richard

I bought Pilots FSG ”Alicante airport” for P3D.

And you are totally right.

Navigraphs map is current stands and in Pilots FSG is outdated.

I have been writing to them for correction.

We will see.

Thanks your help……

Best regards

Jørn Christensen

Phone: +45 2688 7301


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Alicante LEAL Parking Stands.pdf (1.27 MB)

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