EBBR airport chart out of date

Hi, today I received parking instructions from a Vatsim ground controller, but after consultation of the current Navigraph chart, some points mentioned by the control were not present on the chart. I’ve checked this with the official Belgian AIP and on that chart those points were well present. What can I do to have the chart updated by Navigraph? Here is the link to the correct chart. For example, in the vincinity of Apron 1 South the points Mike, Romeo4 and Sierra are missing on the Navigraph chart. It was a little bit difficult to find my way. https://ops.skeyes.be/html/belgocontrol_static/eaip/eAIP_Main/graphics/eAIP/EBBR_ADC01_v47.pdf

possible I misunderstand you, but I have compared our charts now with the AIP charts and I have the three taxiways (M, R4 and S). I don´t know what you´re mean with “points”, sorry.

Here from chart number 10-9C:

Again, not sure if I understand your posting correctly possible it´s easier, when you mark on the AIP chart, what you´re missing on the Jeppesen charts (which are up to date, of course and not out dated).

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Hi Richard, thank you for this very quick reply. You’re right, the points M(ike), R(omeo)4 and others are present on the Parking chart, but not on the Airport chart. I agree, my question was not very clear. In fact I am surprised that the Airport chart published by Navigraph (Jeppesen) differs from the same Belgian AIP Airport chart (see .pdf attached in first message). In case of specific taxi instructions it should be good to have the same. This is not a criticism, I like Navigraph as it is very useful, complete and user friendly.

You’re welcome … The airport diagrams are only overviews and not so detailed. This is due the size of the electronic tables/EFBs. You see all on one page without zooming, scrolling, moving … when you need more details, like the gates, taxiways, … you see the reference directly on the airport diagrams:

Hope that helps in the future …

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