Airport Charts outdated

Hello there, i’m aware that the Data provided from Navigraph is from Jeppesen but i had some issues lately finding Parkingstands on the Airport Charts 10-9B in LSZH (dated 12. June 2020). F.e. Parkingstand H14 should be H87. On Xplane 11.50 Standard Scenery i have the right Number. Will be there an Update soon, except for the AIRAC Cycle? Thank you for your help!

The NG Charts reflect those published in the AIP, H14 looks correct.

Outdated scenery ?


Thank you for your reply. It is interesting that yesterday on Vatsim LSZH Apron assigned me H87 that is also depicted in the Simulator but not in the Chart. I assumed that the Chart was outdated… Maybe they are using old Charts…? Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Hello again, i’ve checked in Google Maps and it shows like this:

And Google is a definitive source of information and more accurate than the published AIP ?

When was the Google image last updated ?

The charts indicate a stand change in June this year.

Yes, you’re right. Sorry for bothering you.

Its no problem and just to confirm from the AIP charts:

COR: Movement area, PRKG I and H, H14 added, H81/H82 and H85-H88 withdrawn, editorial (WEF 18JUN2020)

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