HESH Parking Numbers wrong

Hi there. I hope this is the right place to report this.
I have noticed that the parking numbers in the Chart “Parking 10-9A” at HESH are not correct.
They do not correspond with my FSDG scenery or the latest Google Maps:

Example: Parking numbers should be from 14 - 25 between C1 and B1. In the chart its 34 - 45.

Just to Illustrate the chart showing parking stands 34 - 45 instead of 14 - 25. It obviously means all the other parking spots are wrong too.

When looking at Google Maps it looks like some ground works and remarkings took place at some time.

If you check the NG charts you will see that changes to parking stands were updated Sep 2022.

Google maps is not an authoritative source.

It is highly likely the FSDG scenery is out of date.

Hmmmm, according to Google Earth the images were taken from 22. August 2022. The scenery I have was released around the same time.
So not quite sure what to make of that. Did they change everything within a couple of weeks, or does the Sept. 22 chart still show old markings? Any way to find reliable information?

There are obvious ground works going on in the Google images, so could well be that the ground markings and parking spaces were updated shortly after …

Generally you would access the AIP of the governing authority, however Egypt’s AIP does not look to be publicly accessible.