X-Plane not updating to latest AIRAC


Just trying to get FMS Data Manager to update X-Plane 11.

I believe I have the correct path set for X-Plane:

Add-ons aren’t being detected:

I’ve tried manual install:

This is what the FMS is showing:

and I can’t click further than IDENT:

I’m sure it’s something minor I’ve overlooked. Do I need any specific upgrades/add-ons to X-Plane beforehand?


Sorry, I should point out it’s a new install - I’ve never had FMSDM/Navigraph added before, and I haven’t had it working properly as yet.

Hi Cameron,


In FMS Data Manager Settings for X-Plane Path use the black folder to navigate to where you have X-Plane.exe. Write down this folder location for later.
Press Save.
In Addon Mappings press Scan and you should have entry X-Plane 11 (11.50+). Press Save.
In Addon List select entry X-Plane 11 (11.50+) and press Update .

If no joy, using Manual install make sure you unzip xplane11_native_2110.zip to …your X-Plane 11\Custom Data


Hi Ian,

thanks for the quick reply.

Tried these:

Still not detecting add-ons when I press Scan.
Did you mean for the Manual Option to save into X-plane 11/Custom Data/Custom Data as above or just X-plane 11/Custom Data? I’ve tried both anyway.

Any other thoughts?

This might also be an unrelated comment but when I run Navigraph, it doesn’t seem to detect X-Plane for moving maps either. Related?

Apologies, should be X-plane 11\Custom Data. You need to open the downloaded xplane11_native_2110.zip and copy (extract) the contents to your X-plane 11\Custom Data.
It should look something like:


ok, working!

I had the .zip unzipped into it’s own folder (xplane11_native_2210). Moved the files into Custom Data and it worked. Thanks!

That will sort me for a while, but any ideas why the autoupdater isn’t finding X-Plane?

You are welcome.

Might be because X-Plane is in your documents folder :thinking:

Happy to move it. Is there a better spot for it?

Maybe move to the Desktop?

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Can you now use Moving Map?

Will do.

Do you think that needs a reinstall, or OK to move folders and just re-specify paths etc?

Have to go and get 2nd COVID jab so will do after :grin:

My understanding is X-Plane is one of few apps which can be moved

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