FMS Data Manager won't update AIRAC to 2303

I keep trying ways to update my AIRAC but all the navdata files of every aircraft are unaffected. I reinstalled navigraph and tried again and nothing happened. The FMS data manager thinks the AIRAC is updated even when the AIRAC is 2102. I had no issues before but suddenly it just stopped updating from out of nowhere. What could be causing this issue?



In Settings page make sure the X-Plane path is correctly set. Navigate to X-Plane.exe to confirm. In Addon Mappings Remove X-Plane entries. Press Save. Press Scan, then Save.
In Addon List select and Update X-Plane entries.


Its fixed now Lol I got a new storage drive added into my PC and I moved XP11 into it and I did not notice the FMS data manager putting the files into where XP11 was before. TY So much Ian


You are welcome. Glad is is resolved.

Happy flying.


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