Airac 2105 nicht sichtbar im FMC des Flight Factor A 320 U nach Update 1.1.13

After an update of the Flight Factor A 320 Ultimate 1.1.13 my Airac 2105 is no longer included in the FMC (MCDU). All attempts have failed. Tried to fix the error via Flight Factor, again without success. I ask for clarification

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Dieter Hybbeneth

Hi Dieter,


It looks as if your AIRAC update hasn’t been successful.

Please advise what steps you are taking to update the navdata.

With A320 V 1.1.15, X-Plane 11.55, I show:


Im Navi Graph Data Manager Lass ich den Scan Vorgang arbeiten, der FF A320 Ultimate wird aufgefĂĽhrt, ohne jedoch den richtigen Airac 2105 zu ermitteln.
Danke ĂĽbrigens fĂĽr das schnelle Feedback.

Hi Dieter,

Please post in English.

The current AIRAC is 2106. You need a current subscription to download this.

If you installed during AIRAC 2105, you should see it in addons.


It cannot and must not be that a current Airac is required for every update of Flight Factor, this is also not the case with Zibo or Jardesign. Here the cycles according to the last installed Airac, e.B. 2105 are included in the FMC. This Airac 2105 is included in the database of the FF A 320 under cycle_info enthalten.
Thanks again for your Support.

That’s correct but you can´t download outdated cycles. When you have done a backup before, you can restore the cycle which you have backed up but you can download only the current/effective cycle and without a subscription you can´t do this. Sorry.

We don´t offer outdated cycle …

Hallo Richard.
Dieter installed the FF A320 and the Circle 2105 at the same time.
For complications with the A320 it was need to clear and new install the A320.
In this time the Circel changed to 2106.
After new installation of A320 there was correctly the cycle info 2105.
But not in the DataManager. Look to the picture.
It is not need to buy the 2106 but the correction in the DataManager.
Please help us.

Sorry but possible I misunderstand you here:

Dieter, doesn´t have a valid subscription, so he can´t update to 2106 - ok, he doesn´t need it, right.

Ok, so according your posting now - the FF A320 shows the (for him) correct cycle 2105 - is this right now? That´s not what he has posted, because he wrote, that the FMC doesn´t show the 2105 and also the screenshot doesn´t show 2105. The screenshot shows the Lido Airac 1702 …

I guess, it´s true that the FMC doesn´t show 2105 because that´s what the FMS Data Manager also say … no 2105 installed. Therefore, the only way to get 2105 is to restore a backup which he must have made before. Neither Aerosoft, nor we offer outdated AIRAC cycle, and the customer needs to have backups when he wants to use outdated cycle.

To clarify now the situation:

  1. What AIRAC cycle is now installed?
  2. What is the root path of XP11.5x?
  3. Where is the FF A320 installed (exact path)?

Thank you very much,

I would like to answer briefly for Wolfgang. I tried to activate the Airac 2105 via the backup. Unfortunately, the Airac only updated to 2104 which I am also satisfied with, because I will buy a new Airac, soon 2107. Thank you for your support.
Best Regards

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Thanks Dieter for the update … have a nice week!

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