Unable to update AIRAC on FF777 and FF767 XPLANE 12

So basically I’m unable to update the Flight Factor 777 and 767 using the FMS Data Manger for X-Plane 12. The other aircraft I have like the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate updated just fine. I’ve tried manually installing it, adding it, redownloading etc etc, if anyone has any ideas let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it.

seems to be the same wrong file, which FF uses. Here the answer and a quick fix for 2307, with 2308 we don’t offer this file any longer. Please read the whole post:

Thank you

Thank you for the reply! I downloaded the cycle.info file in the post mentioned, I replaced the existing one with it but for some reason it still doesn’t work. Is it an issue with the GNS folder or something?

Then please contact the FF devs … We have no idea how and what file they use. The specification said only that they use the same format as X-Plane, thats it …


PS: thats exactly the reason why it’s so important that 3rd party devs let us know, what they need, where and in which format - without it, it is nearly impossible to help someone

Apparently the issue resolved itself when I updated everything to AIRAC Cycle 2307 rev 2, don’t know what caused the issue in the first place but it’s no longer an issue.

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