Flight factor A320 airac

Data manager shows that i have the current Airac 2105 in this aircraft.Yet the MCDU does not show it.here are the file paths;

the data file references the the airac 2105.



Your paths are incorrect. Check path for FlightFactor A320 Ultimate in Addon Mappings is
…X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 Ultimate. Maybe Remove entry and Scan to detect automatically.

You should ultimately have the following data :

Please let us know how you get on.


thanks for replying.Not been able to sort this out.
I reinstalled FF by placing it into aircraft folder.It auto gave the more convoluted pathway you can see in my images above.
I remapped via nav data manager and the image below will show that a ‘cycle file’ is in the data folder.This file is for Airac 2105.It does not appear in A320 MCDU.I open the pathway that I selected in Data Manager and no ‘cycle file’ and some others are not there.see image.
I have my checked my FSX 737 and airac 2105 appears on FMC

the last image is the Data manager folder selection

A very strange installation of your addon … You have an aircraft folder inside an aircraft folder? Why do you have this structure?

Please can you post a complete path of your:

  • XP11 root folder
  • of your FF320 root folder

Your installation looks very, very odd . .


I have reinstalled the FF.I now see that I misinstalled the FF before.This gives me the simplified paths and
an airac 2150 text doc in the data folder.Everything on ‘paper’ looks ok but still no MCDU appearance in actual aircraft.See images below.


data manager path

two additional things:

  1. delete the files nav1 + nav2 in your “Flight Factor A320 Ultimate” folder - both are simple wrong here
  2. you must re-map the FligthFactor … when you map an addon manually, you should ALLWAYS map it to the main/root folder of the addon. In you case “Flight Factor A320 Utlimate” … so the mapping in the FDM is also wrong

A last tip:
When you rename the folder from Flight Factor A320 Ultimate to FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, than the automatic detection in the FDM will found this addon automatically.


I have done all that you say.The FMS navigragh does not pick up as automatic on scan of add-on mappings but is nevertheless shown as mapping to FF A320 main folder albeit it with the ‘manual’ folder icon showing.
After searching through the FF forum it seems that the nav.1 and nav2 files are for the native FF database whilst the nav2db and nav 1db are from navigragh.These do not appear in my data files although I notice in an image from your first email that they are there.see curent image below.

Mcdu is still showing the FF database LSY17201 database.

But when the files for native, why should be the files in another folder as the normal other navdata files. This is very strange but anyway, when you mean that this is correct.

Please can you post whole screenshots with the complete path in the title. Your screenshots are niice but not very helpful when you remove the necessary information via any graphics.

Thank you

Success at last!See image below.
A few years ago i transferred xplane from an HDD to a SSD for speedier load times.The ‘old’ xplane remianed on the HDD and it was this that the path in the FMS data manager was working to.
Thanks for your help


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