Aerosoft Airbus

The navigraph fms datamanager recognises the aerosoft airbus but in navigraph flight plans i cannot export the plan as there is no option when i select export
How do you export a flight plan to the aerosoft a320


Welcome and Happy New Year.

The current export formats for Charts are

The FLP format (for Aerosoft aircraft) is planned to be offered.


thank you for this

I have one more problem please that I need help with.

I uninstalled simlink as I don’t use it, but when I start FSX FSX is asking me to manually start simlink, so somewhere in my FSX, it is still linkings and trying to find simlink

how do I stop this

This is likely an incomplete uninstall of Simlink. Please reinstall Simlink, then use Windows to Uninstall Simlink.

Please let us know how you get on.


i re installed simlink and used windows to uninstall, but fsx still tries to find it on startup

Try deleting the following if they exist:


c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink and
c:\Program Files\Navigraph\Simlink

Any joy?


fixed it thanks, what i did was re installed it, then opened it, went to navigraph simlink status, unticked start simlink on system startup, then uninstalled and this fixed the problem

Excellent, thank you for the update.

Happy flying


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