Flight plan export issues

When I export a flight plan to XP is there a limitation on what you load it into? I have trouble with FLP loaded into a G1000 where it will nit read the file. I do not currently use airliner type planes with an FMC so no experience on that front.

Thanks for insights.



The current export formats for Charts are

The FLP format (for Aerosoft aircraft) is yet to be offered.


Thank yiu Ian. My question however deals with the plan not opening I the G1000. Formats are not an issue.

Sometimes they appear to load ok,sometimes not.

Side Q. Is there a way on your forums to switch out of the black background



Hi Geoff,

If you export plan in X-Plane 11 fms format to … your X-Plane 11\Output\FMS plans, you should be able to load into X-Plane 11 G1000. That works for me. If not you might post the flightplan in text format as well as fms format.

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Good afternoon Ian,

What is the timeline for FLP format (for Aerosoft aircraft) please?

Thank you