Advanced route planning

It would be nice to be able to plan and compare OFPs using different parameters for route, weight, FL, speed, etc. while following RAD restrictions. Currently, it seems like the route planner always tries to find a great circle route, but especially when planning long hauls it does mostly not result in Minimum Time or Minimum Cost track. Having the ability of comparing different routes directly would be a nice addition! :slight_smile:

Hi, SimBrief’s routes are always improved. But this is a gradual process with input from several different sources, so the most I can promise is that the routes will gradually get better over time.

A way to quickly preview the time/fuel impact of a given route (without having to generate a flight plan) may come in a future update, but probably not for a little while still.


Great to hear that it’s being worked on! Is it possible to contribute to the route database by submitting or validating routes?

Yes, I will send you some info shortly via private message.

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PFPX has this super handy feature where you can compute multiple flight plans for the same route, while varying any parameters you like (different flight levels, different routes, even different aircraft) and get a nice table comparison of the most important parameters for each flight plan such as fuel burnoff, fuel required, flight time, and so on.

Having something similar in SimBrief would be awesome. I think it is basically inline with what the OP is asking for.

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