Feature Request - Route Database

I really love the new possibility to create and flag routes on Simbrief! Right now it’s a good first step, but I think there is a lot more potential to make the lives of “route creators” easier.

  1. Filter all routes for one airport (in- and outbound):
    I usually create and update routes for specific airports (e.g. Frankfurt). Right now it should be only for Frankfurt around 500 IFPS validated routes to maintain (in- and outbound combined). It would be great so see all routes for one airport that are available in the database, filtereable by “Eurocontrol, Vatsim, User” as well as editable. I don’t know all citypairs that are available in the database, so it would be difficult to keep them up to date.

  2. Import routes by file:
    Keeping all routes up to date with the current interface would take a lot of time. It would be great to have the option to upload a file (e.g. .csv) to update all existing routes (or to create them).

  3. Add prefered runways for airports:
    It would be nice to have the option to add prefered departure runways in general and in combination with specific first waypoints. This could help the pilot when flying online and a specific usage of SIDs is common. This could maybe help the pilots to find the correct charts and improves the cockpit preperation.

For example EDDF (order is important):

  1. Use a table to display the different routes (and maybe use the headline as search field):
    Example here: Screenshot by Lightshot

  2. Offer the user the possibility to “report” IFPS invalid routes, that need to be checked by a “creator” before it’s not displayed anymore. That could also work the other way around to suggest IFPS valid routes, that need to be checked/confirmed.

Maybe this route topic should be displayed as a seperate tab and not as small part of the NOTAM and Weather part.

Looking forward for any further great improvements! :slight_smile:


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Thanks Phil, will note these comments for possible future improvements.

Best regards,