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Love using simbrief- been using it for years. Just a polite enquiry. In some airports, on arrival, the STAR has a transition with extra miles on it that isn’t always taken into account. This isn’t a problem with the long arrivals in the states, but in the U.K, at my local airport, Gatwick ( EGKK) the arrivals have a 30 mile transition that isn’t added to the STAR so the track mileage is a fair bit less on the flight plan. Is this something that could be added please? It’s potentially and extra 10 mins of flying as aircraft usually fly 30 miles from the last waypoint ( WILLO/TIMBA) which is not a direct line towards the airport. Thank you. Jamie

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Hi, unfortunately this data isn’t available in the AIRAC, so there’s no way for SimBrief to know how many track miles to add for a given airport/STAR.

In these cases, I would recommend simply adding 10-15 minutes of Extra Fuel in the flight options to cover this. This is how most real world flight planners handle this as well I believe.

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