SimBrief flightplan cutting short a STAR

I am new to this so bear with me, I created a flight plan in Simbrief and it gave a route including a STAR however the waypoint it chose to join the STAR was not the transition point (there was only one a available) that is shown in my Pilot2ATC and TDS GTNXi 750. The SimBrief flight plan chose a shorter route but cut out this initial transition flight plan. Is this normal? Not sure what you would do in this circumstance apart from manually amend SimBrief to include it?


For context (and for the benefit of other users reading this thread), it looks like the route you were planning was EGPE-EGPH.

The route SimBrief proposes by default is: GUSSI NESDI N560 FOYLE GRICE PTH1G , whereas the PTH1G STAR normally begins at PTH, not GRICE.

It’s a bit of a strange route I agree, but it comes directly from the real-world UK & Ireland Standard Route Document. It also passes IFPS validation, so it appears to be the preferred route between these airports.

Not sure how other apps will handle it, it’s possible some will throw an error if they don’t support joining the STAR at an unpublished transition. My suggestion would be to contact their support directly if this causes issues, they might consider updating their apps since this can and does happen on other routes as well.

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That’s great, thanks for confirming.

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