Add to Route. What for?

Bit confused with this. Could be my age (72) :smile:
I downloaded my flight plan from SimBrief, and placed the details required for the departure/arrival airports.
The route looks fine but if I click on a waypoint the ‘BAR’ shows ‘Add to route’.
If I click on this I get a pop-up screen ‘Where do you want to insert ********’ (Name of Waypoint)

If I don’t click on the ‘Add to Route’ the aircraft seems to follow the route OK.
So my question is what is this ‘Add to Route’ for ???

I use SimBrief because I also use the A32NX and I can place the route, fuel, weights Etc directly into the onboard flight computer of the A32NX Airbus (A320), without downloading it separately.
I also use the ‘Flight Crew A320 MSFS’ addon simply for realistic flights.

Add to route is used when you want to add a waypoint to your route. If it is already in your route you can ignore the button. (It is still there because you might want to a circle route that passes the same waypoint twice.)

Use case: you want to build a route visually from scratch. Create a flight between two airports without using autoroute, then click waypoints in the enroute chart and click Add to route to build your route.



Thank you Stephen,
New to Navigraph so still experimenting.

While I’m here, a couple of points.

I noticed that one of the semi-main UK airports ‘Cardiff, Wales International’ has a completely wrong layout, parking Etc, in MSFS 2020.
Although your Airport maps seem up-to-date.
Who do I contact about this ?

Is there a way to import Navigrph flight plans back into SimBrief after making alterations ? (Needed for weights Etc.)

Finally, When configuring the destination Airport, do I enter the STAR first or the Approach ?

Hope you don’t mind the questions, especially the one not directly linked to Navigraph.
Hope you have a Happy New Year