ZULS ILS left offset

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ZULS (who get only one ILS, the 27R) have a left offset on the 27R ILS, since the airport don’t get any light (actually reporting to Asobo), my plane autoland between runway and taxiway.

Don’t know if the real one have an offset like this,

Thank you :slight_smile:

could be yes … the reason is, that there are no information from the AIP China. China doesn´t offer normally any coordinates excluding the ARP coordinates, but no runway thresholds, loc/gs antenna positions, … That means, that this information must be calculated manually thru the ARP coordinates and that of course, that is not always correct because the ARP is not always at the middle of the runway …

So, such issues (specially for the chinease airports) are due the missing data from the AIP, sorry but this can´t also be handled by the source provider.

… and this is not an MSFS issue, it´s a general issue in all addons. The data provider gets their data from the AIPs and when they will not be offered, you have no chance to verify it, if its correct or not. Sorry.


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Thank you so mutch for those explanations, fast and clear :slight_smile:

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