ZLDH ILS not correct

I installed ZLDH made by RouteAnn-Studio, but the ILS is offset. I found through the little navmap that the ils of the navigraph was offset, and the data of the navigraph identified by the aircraft. Please fix the correct ZLDH’s ILS.
This photo is a display of navigraph zldh ils data under little navmap

thanks for your report … To report this, we need any official AIP document, where the coordinates are shown. Please can you provide us with this document, where have:

  1. the runway-threshold coordinates
  2. the ILS LOC coordindates
    when we have this information, we can report this to our data provider and after checks on their side, I´m pretty sure it will be fixed in one of the next AIRAC cycles.

Another point, it could be that Jeppesen doesn´t receive the correct values from China, or they used any other coordinate-system-date and not WGS or similar else.

Also here:

So, we need any official documentation from the AIP of China, where these missing or uncomplete information are visible. I have only found this link and it looks accurate but as you see, there are no coordinates in it - so we can´t verify it and therefore we can´t report it …


You can find the ILS LOC coordindates in the pictures.
And the runway-threshold coordinate of 08 may be 40.160401, 94.792648, the runway-threshold coordinate of 26 may be 40.163483, 94.832324
You can test them.

thank you very much - but we know how we can read out a BGL file. The point is, we need a public document as a reference (like a note from the AIP China or similar else) which we can forward Jeppesen.

This values may be correct or not … to report this, we need a reference document and we must be sure, that the values which we report are correct and this can only be verified by any official aviation document, like from the AIP of the country (you see the PDF what I have posted - this is an official AIP document but useless because there are no coordinates included).

Only to show what I mean - we have following coordinates in our database:

08: 40.16223056, 94.79362778
26: 40.1649, 94.83338611
LOC antenna 08: 40.16511944, 94.83665833
LOC antenna 26: 40.16200833 / 94.79035278

When you set the coordinates on Google Maps you see of course an offset to the image - but runway threshold and loc antenna are centerlined:

So, to verify now which is correct (the sat-image or our data), we need a real-world reference document. As I have wrote before, it could also be, that the coordinate-system is not WGS or similar else and therefore the offset but we don´t know the answer. So, therefore the document …

So, to report it, we need such an official document please …

Thanks for your help,

Sorry, because these coordinates are state secrets for China, no one knows. But the coordinates I provided can definitely fix this problem, and are relatively accurate coordinates for msfs2020

… but we don´t also know, if these coordinates are correct to the real world. As you wrote, it´s hard to get any data from China and I assume it´s also hard for Jeppesen to get the correct ones. Without any official reference, we can´t report it sorry …


we have found a way to correct and add all the missing information. We have discovered that the runway in the stock MSFS scenery is too short (threshold of RW26 is wrong) but for that we can´t do anything. Also the ILS antenna is wrong in the stock MSFS data.

With our data, starting AIRAC 2205 you can fly the approach into ZLDH without any issue. The ILS antennas are on the correct position, also the Glideslope antenna and the DMEs.

Here a screenshot from the ND, where you see the exact position - both DMEs (IMG and DNH) are correct, altitude is correct

… on short final

… 30ft above touchdown

Implemented now with the upcoming (19/05) AIRAC 2205.

Thanks for your help and your assistant

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