Zibo Not Updating Navigraph Data

Ok, my turn…

Zibo is not updating Navigraph data. XP12. Latest Zibo, Latest Avitab, etc.

Still stuck on data from 2021. Everything updated in Navigraph app, location set to where XP12 is located. Scanned, found, updated to latest cycle, I go to Zibo, it still says Not updated and my Avitab charts are missing in the airport tab.

Every time I update Zibo I have this problem. This system is just too complicated.

Hi Andrew,

Using Guide to posting Screenshots, please provide the following screenshots:
From Settings page:

From Addon Mappings page:

From Zibo Mod FMC Ident page:


Looking at your photos above, I noticed XP12 was not assigned to proper folder. I have assigned it and it updated correctly, and now shows as “auto”.

However, I have Flight Factor aircraft and the installer will not find it. Inside of XP Aircraft folder, I see two FF folders.

The “Flight Factor” folder contains my A350 and my A320, and the ‘Flight Factor & StepToSky’ folder contains my FF B757.

Perhaps this is the problem. The installer cannot find any FF aircraft. Should I move the FF folders elsewhere?

Edit - I moved the FF aircraft from the two folders and put them in the Aircraft folder. Now, Navigraph detects the A320, but not the other two. The folder structure for all three aircraft are the same afaik.

(And the Zibo not updating problem is solved, btw. Navdata now showing current. Thank you.) If I can get these Avitab charts showing, I will be good to go. And the FF aircraft located, also.

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