Cannot update Nav Data

I recently installed the Zibo B768 v12.1beta6. When I attempted to create a route I got an FMC warning that my installation of Navigraph Data was out of date. I opened the Data Manager and created a new path to the Custom Data folder within this aircraft and imported the two databases I use for this airplane. Still out of date. I tried a dozen different solutions and could not get the airplane to recognize the proper data.

Could someone please refresh my understanding of how to properly install the current nav data within the Zibo B768? I have run the XP 11 and 12 versions of this airplane with no problems for years but I can’t seem to get v12.1beta6 to load the current AIRAC properly.

Thank you,

Steve Haines

Hi Steve,

I am not aware of a Zibo 768. Can you please provide details.


Hi Ian,

This is the freeware Boeing 737-800 (commonly shortened to B738) published by a private developer named “Zebo”.

In this case there is not a specific Navigraph package for the Xibo aircraft, as there is for example the FlightFactor B757. The Zibo aircraft accesses the XPlane12 Data set which is stored within the Custom Data folder (XPlane/Custom Data/…). I am running the XPlane 12.1beta6 set in which I copied the Custom Data folder directly from XPlane12.0.9rc5, the non beta version. For some reason this was not recognized by the aircraft. It took a while to find the correct combination but I finally did a manual install of the XPlane12 set into the Custom Data folder of this version of XPlane and it is now working.

Steve Haines

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