Kpsp rnav z 13r

While flying the Fenix A320, I noticed that the RNAV Z 13R doesn’t load any of the waypoints between SBONO and WASAK. Why are these missing? I tried changing the STAR, reloading the FMC, etc. all to no avail.

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I have checked the R13R-Z approach via SBONO and I see all waypoints correctly according the charts:

… and also on the ND:

Are you family with the A320? I guess, you have only set the RNAV 13R-Z approach, which is only the final from the IF, but according the charts, you see three separate IAF (vias or transitions) - FERNN, SBONO and TRM. So you must select this IAF (via VIA) too to get the whole route - transition from IAF to the IF.


That was the problem! I forgot to set the VIA. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

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