…okay probably another MSFS issue with “outdated data” like the others, so just putting this out there. YBRM is a small airport with just one runway (10/28) but the SIDs seem to be missing in MSFS. not sure where its might be outdated… maybe a labeling issue?

it neither a MSFS nor a navdata issue. According the Airservices Australia, there are no SIDs available for YBRM

Here the list of terminal procedures directly from the Australian AIS:

You see, there are only approaches available. So, no issue here …

Hope that helps,

PS: the SID in our charts app is a Copter/Helicopter SID

oh ya i see… its a helicopter SID! well i learned something new today :slight_smile:
my apologies - but thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated

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No reason to appologize you … Also we learn every day from every posting. So all is good and let us know, whenever you have a question :wink:


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