Airport YBSU missing SID MOOLO1?

On A320FBW, no sid are displayed for RWY31, Simbrief has selected MOOLO1 departure. Is it MSFS limitation?

Hi Jean-Luc,
no navdata issue, no FBW issue … it´s simple the MSFS. YBSU is completely outdated.

Here the MSFS “reality”:

… and here the real-world:

In MSFS the runway 12/30 are marked as “closed” but in reallity the runway is open and 13/31 … on the other hand 18/36 is open in the MSFS and decommissioned in real-world.

So, this airport is useless because here doesn´t fit anything …

PS: by the way, we have analyzed the MSFS data with the real-world and there are a lot (more than 1000) of such examples - so, whenever you don´t see a SID or STAR - check the airport-diagram first, specially the runways/runway-idents … :wink:

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Thank you Richard for explanation

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