YBBN Missing Arrivals

Brisbane seems to be missing a fair few arrivals, and it seems what looks like all the Ä" variant STARS, for example, SMOKA9M is available, but SMOKA9A is not. Could you guys please take a look into missing STARS, and maybe correct the ones in there please?

Hi Leeroy,
yes thats right … the reason is, that YBBN is completly outdated in the default data. When you look on the available runways in the sim:

comparing with the real world:

You see what I mean … 01L/19R is missing 14/32 is not existing, … that´s the reason, why not all procedures are available. We have (and the procedures are still included) in the update files but the sim, suppress it because the runways in the procedures can´t be assign to the runways in the sim.

Sorry, but that´s a sim limitation and can only be fixed by ASOBO/MS.

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