Missing STAR for YBBN

Hi - saw topic regarding STARs missing for YBBN and understand why STARs for 01L aren’t showing up but I’ve found a STAR which is also valid for 01R that isn’t showing.

GOMOL1A has a version for both 01L and 01R but doesn’t show up in the list of STARs for 01R. Just wondering if this is intended or not?

as I wrote in the answers of the other topics - in that moment, where a terminal procedure can’t assign to the corresponding runway (ie due missing runway in MSFS, due old runway-idents in MSFS, …) The sim supress ALL STARs and not only the STARs which can’t be assigned.

Thats a sim logic/limitation and we can’t do anything for that. All STARs are included for YBBN (you see this ie. in LNM), but the sim doesn’t shown it due the limitation. Sorry.


Thanks for the reply - I had read that in a previous post but didn’t put 2 and 2 together in this instance but now it makes sense.

Hopefully the base MSFS will get updated at some point to include the runway!

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