XP12 Error message "scenery not correct" - AIRAC 2304

after loading the last AIRAC 2304 in XP12 I got the following error message:
“Error loading the scenery file:
Custom Data/1200 atc data/Earth nac data/atc dat
The scenery may not be correct.”
With AIRAC 2303 i had no error message.
Cheers and many thanks

Hi Marco,
I can confirm this - reproduce able - thank you! I will fix this and will inform you here, when it´s done …

Thanks for the report!

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Problem looks to be with airport RJJJ where there’s an extra “CHAN 128320” been added to the \X-Plane 12\Custom Data\1200 atc data\Earth nav data\atc.dat data file on line 31795 compared to the previous version.
This frequency matches the error reported the XP log.txt

Manually deleting this one line seems to be a viable workaround until an official updated file is available ?

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Hi gents,
thanks @Matchstick for the workaround … I have fixed the issue now and I have uploaded a second revision. It will takes a while till all our server are updated, so please be patience … revision 2 is on the way to you.

Sorry and thank you very much,


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