Airac 2210 with X-plane 12

I just updated my AIRAC in X-plane 12 and I am getting an Error when I start up X-plane 12. The error is as follows “Loading Navigational Data Failed: Wrong or Old File Format”
“Please note that X-Plane 12 is not compatible with navdata files made for X-Plane 11 or earlier”

If I revert to AIRAC 2209, X-plane 12 works fine. It seems therefore that with this AIRAC the wrong format is being used for X-plane 12.

Looking forward to some assistance.

Thank You

sorry not re-produceable, I have updated the XP12 dataset now with the FMS Data Manager and I can start XP12 without any issue. So the dataset is correct for XP12. Have you checked if the XP12-path is correct against your installed XP12 on your machine?


Yes I checked that. Besides when I use FMS Data Manager to Restore the older AIRAC, X-Plane 12 starts up with no issues.

I just reloaded it again with 2210 and it seems to be working now. Thanks for the help.



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