XP12 Citation X nav data out of date

Using the FMS data manager, I get this

The addons are mapped correctly and up to date and the date is set to real time

Any ideas?



The common theme seems to be X-Plane 12 all set manually ? Please check and post screenshot of your X-Plane 12 path in Settings:

If you use the black folder there, navigate to X-Plane.exe and Save.

In Addon List, select and Remove entry X-Plane 12. Is it automatically detected?

If so, please do similarly for all X-Plane 12 addons. Press Save .

I also noted your FMS shows Software V 12.1 , are you running a Beta? My release version shows:


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Hi @Ian

Thanks a lot for the prompt response, the issue was indeed the path of XP12 under Settings

I have two copies that I keep, one for backup (as always with flight sim modding) and one live.
The data manager was installing the data in the backup copy.

Fixed the path to the live one and seems to be ok now, thread can be closed.
Thanks a lot.

Hi …,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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