Xplane 12 unable to update

Hi Ian

I am having the same problem in XPLANE 12 as i did with xplane 11

I cannot seem to figure out how to update the FMS navdata

Can u please guide me on how to update the FMS in XPLANE 12 if any more Pics help just let me know and i will send them
THANKS for all the help really do appreciate it…not getting as good service else where

Don’t you need to add “X-Plane 12” to the end of the box where you show

X-Plane 12 c:/users/dondo/Desktop/

I will try and let you know Thanks


Hi Gerard,

I presume the FF767-400 data is the same as for the FF767-300 which is what I have installed,

In FMS Data Manager, Settings, for X Plane 12 path use black folder to navigate to x-plane.exe and press Save

In Addon Mappings you should be able to select and Remove any X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 Addons, and hopefully Scan will detect the FF 767 and add X Plane GNS430 entry. Press Save

In Addon List select and Update X-Plane 12, X-Plane GNS430 for X-Plane 12 and any X-Plane 12 addons.

You should have:


Thank you Ian
That is a very detailed and easy to follow explanation .I will execute it and let u know

Hi Ian

Hi Gerard,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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