XP11 Waypoint missing runway 10L at EIDW

Hello I have been doing flights from EGPH to EIDW but when I set the arrival airport unexpected exception resulted from GPS command 1504 missing waypoint runway 10L at EIDW.
My airac is the latest I’m useing X PLANE 11. Can you help with this please.

REgards Denis Brazil

Hi Denis,
possible, that the EIDW scenery you´re using is outdated … EIDW has 6 runways 10L/R, 16/34 and 28L/R.

The default EIDW scenery in XP11 shows only 3 runways - 10R, 28L and 16/34 …

So, runway 10L and 28R is missing …


I installed the Gateway Scenery from X plane 11 which I think has the six Rwys I’m not at my computer so I can’t say for definite it has all the Runways. Thank you for quick reply.

Regards Denis

Hello Richard I have installed new scenery for EIDW it has six RWYs unlike the default sample above
I,m still getting unexpected exception from GPS command 1504 missing waypoint RWY 10L EIDW.
I would be greatful for any help.

Regards Denis Brazil

Hi again Denis,
I’m not 100% sure, but I can remember that when the runways are all included and you still get this error message, that it means some coordinates or distances are not correct/aligned.

Possible @PhilippM knows more about this because the terminal procedure file looks absolutly correct.

I would recommend to report this to LMR too because as I wrote, I remember that only they can fix this issue. It has something todo with the runway thresholds or something … but I’m not 100% sure. What I only see and what I can check is the EIDW file which we create and this file looks ok so far.


A runway needs to be in the default scenery of X-Plane to be visible to the GPS/FMS systems. You can upgrade to X-Plane 12, which contains the newer scenery with the three runways by default.

In X-Plane 11, the default scenery does not include the north runway, since it hadn’t been opened yet when the scenery was made.

If you download a newer version than is shipped with X-Plane 11, and the scenery works, you can splice it into the default scenery with a text editor:

  1. Download and install the EIDW scenery pack from the gateway (you already did that).
  2. In this scenery pack, locate its Earth nav data/apt.dat file and select the entire section, but not the “99” terminator at the end, and copy it to the clipboard. Again, be sure not to select the 99 at the end of the file.
  3. Open the Resources/default scenery/Earth nav data/apt.dat and search for the EIDW scenery.
  4. Highlight the entire EIDW airport and delete it, then paste the scenery from the clipboard.

This will work as long as the recommended scenery distributed by the gateway is still compatible with X-Plane 11. As people make new sceneries, it is increasingly likely that they will be for X-Plane 12 though.

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